How do I register my eBike / Scooter?

ScooterBeginning 1 May 2019 e-bikes without the temporary licenses will be confiscated and a fine of 1000 yuan will be imposed. 

Attached is a document with detailed information on how to register you bike in person or using the App.

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  1. From Joe Ge, via the Yammer discussion (Aug 2019).
    - How do people register a newly-bought bike?
    - What happens if someone buys a used, already-registered bike? Can registration be transferred?

    Joe Ge's response:
    If you are buying a new E-bike now, you must buy an E-bike in the catalogue. The owner must apply for the official number at the non-motor vehicle registration station of the traffic control department within 15 days after purchasing the car. If you are buying a second-hand electric car, only if you have to buy a fully licensed E-bike before you can ride on the road normally.
    by Stephen on Aug 07, 2019
  2. Also from Joe Ge, via Yammer:

    According to the notice of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision on the Implementation of the National Standard for Electric Bicycle, it is simply an electric bicycle product that conforms to the implementation of the new standard by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision. The products in the bicycle catalogue are in line with the relevant regulations of Beijing, and models that are not in the catalogue are not allowed to be sold in Beijing. If you buy a new electric bike and meet the new criteria, you will also be allowed to apply for a new license plate. This is a picture of the new license plate for reference only.

    by Stephen on Aug 08, 2019