Q. How do I register my eBike / Scooter?

ScooterBeginning 1 May 2019 e-bikes without the temporary licenses will be confiscated and a fine of 1000 yuan will be imposed. 

Attached is a document with detailed information on how to register you bike in person or using the App.

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  1. From Joe Ge, via the Yammer discussion (Aug 2019).
    - How do people register a newly-bought bike?
    - What happens if someone buys a used, already-registered bike? Can registration be transferred?

    Joe Ge's response:
    If you are buying a new E-bike now, you must buy an E-bike in the catalogue. The owner must apply for the official number at the non-motor vehicle registration station of the traffic control department within 15 days after purchasing the car. If you are buying a second-hand electric car, only if you have to buy a fully licensed E-bike before you can ride on the road normally.
    by Stephen on Aug 07, 2019.

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